2 12, 2019

Chinese Investment in Africa, The Maghreb and Tunisia

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Author: Nizar Ben Salah   Abstract Also known as “One Belt, one Road" (OBOR), the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. It is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in history. The goal is to promote production, trade and investment, as well as the physical and digital [...]

18 10, 2019

Al-Khansa Brigade: The Feminine Lethal Weapon of ISIS

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Author: Nabil Barkati One of the global challenges that we are facing increasingly and in need to be understood and combat is terrorism. Countering and preventing violent extremism oblige(s) us to study many variables and aspects; not only the messaging that creates the pull factors, but the whole dynamic creating sometimes a hype behind [...]

3 10, 2019

انتخابات – الفوارق الجديدة

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ان كان هناك خلاصة يجب استنتاجها من انتخابات 2019 فهي أنه ليس من الصعب التنبؤ بنتائجها، فالرغبة بإحداث تغيير سياسي بعد 2011 تلاشي بسبب الوضع الاقتصادي والسياسي المتردي والغير المستقر، إلى جانب العديد من الاحداث الاجتماعية والسياسية التي اثرت على مسار تونس ما بعد الثورة. الفوارق بين الأجيال إن أثبتت هذه الانتخابات شيئًا ما، فسيكون [...]

3 10, 2019

Elections of Emerging New Differences

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One conclusion should strictly be derived from the results of the Tunisian presidential elections: there is nothing unpredictable about the outcomes. The excitement of bringing about political change after 2011, has subsided due to unstable economy and confusing politics. Many factors have contributed to the buildup of this new political scene. Various elements impacted the [...]

22 09, 2019

De-radicalization and The Return of Tunisia Foreign Fighters: Tunisian Media Outlets are in Deep Water

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When discussing the Tunisian media coverage on terrorism, this is how it has been described as; “Difficult”, “altered” and “unrealistic”. Covering the subject of “De-radicalization” and the allegedly Tunisian terrorists coming back from the conflict zones has proved to be a real headache for the Tunisian media outlets. And, all interviewed experts have confirmed the [...]

22 09, 2019

Déradicalisation et combattants revenants en Tunisie : la difficile couverture médiatique

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Auteur: Sana Sbouaï "Difficile", "prise en otage", "sans réels fondements factuels"... la couverture médiatique de la déradicalisation et de la situation des Tunisiens présumés terroristes revenants de l'étranger, est un casse-tête pour les médias tunisiens. Toutes les personnes interrogées répondent unanimement et témoignent de la difficulté à informer sur ces questions. "Je suis curieux de [...]