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The Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) is an independent Think-and-Do Tank founded in 2011 on the premise of supporting economic and social development in the Maghreb region.
Our mission is to convene and mobilize diverse actors to catalyze sustainable economic and social development in the Maghreb. 
MEF believes that an informed, active citizenry is the key to building sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

In this endeavor, MEF operates by :

  • Conducting research and publish policy analysis on contemporary issues in the Maghreb
  • Fostering dialogue among key community stakeholders
  • Transforming research into impactful action

Independence Statement 

The Maghreb Economic Forum is rooted in the individual independence of our researchers; therefore, we do not take a stance in our research.

Our duties are to respect and protect academic liberty and to furnish a positive and productive working atmosphere, thereby allowing researchers to amplify the impact of their recommendations. We believe in promoting collaboration to advance the public good by working with foundations, universities, other Thinking groups, and the private sector, as well as with government representatives. Nevertheless, the MEF is committed to safeguarding its independence by establishing and setting guidelines for our donors, partners, researchers and other team members.

The MEF does not accept gifts from donors who wish to undermine or influence the independence of our research.
The MEF will never favor the interests of any political party, government (national or international), donor, or non-governmental organizations over the interests of the common good. In the case that an expert receives inappropriate pressure on his or her analysis, conclusions, research, or other activities, the expert must immediately inform the president and relevant members of the MEF. Any effort to influence the work or resource allocation of the MEF, as well as any relation that might cause a conflict of interest, must be divulged and resolved in accordance with our policy. The MEF is in compliance with the laws and regulations of each country in which it operates.