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Imen Nighaoui is a Program Developer at the Climate Tracker organization. She has worked with the Maghreb Economic Forum as a Junior Researcher on the research study "Countering Youth Radicalisation in Tunisia through Inclusion". Imen has been part of several initiatives launched by UNICEF and its platform Voices of Youth, concerning youth empowering in different fields like climate change mitigation and education. She is also has been a featuring author with Climate Tracker organization and a blogger with Voices of youth writing about violence and conflicts, girls empowerment, and culture diversity.
3 10, 2019

انتخابات – الفوارق الجديدة

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ان كان هناك خلاصة يجب استنتاجها من انتخابات 2019 فهي أنه ليس من الصعب التنبؤ بنتائجها، فالرغبة بإحداث تغيير سياسي بعد 2011 تلاشي بسبب الوضع الاقتصادي والسياسي المتردي والغير المستقر، إلى جانب العديد من الاحداث الاجتماعية والسياسية التي اثرت على مسار تونس ما بعد الثورة. الفوارق بين الأجيال إن أثبتت هذه الانتخابات شيئًا ما، فسيكون [...]

3 10, 2019

Elections of Emerging New Differences

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One conclusion should strictly be derived from the results of the Tunisian presidential elections: there is nothing unpredictable about the outcomes. The excitement of bringing about political change after 2011, has subsided due to unstable economy and confusing politics. Many factors have contributed to the buildup of this new political scene. Various elements impacted the [...]

20 09, 2019

The Preservation of Human Rights is Integral to Combating Violent Extremism

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Author: Imen Al-Nighaoui The general argument says, “nothing in nature exists in isolation”. Therefore, we cannot prevent, counter and/or mitigate extremism and violent extremism without taking into consideration the importance of human rights.   Preserving our fundamental rights is a quest that concerns all nations. Regardless, of Hobbs’ description of mankind at [...]