It was a great learning experience!

Tunisia as a central entrepreneurial hub in the Maghreb

كيف يهدد تغير المناخ اقتصاد الدول المغاربية وتركيبة الهجرة؟

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I‘m so grateful to be part of this wonderful experience professional fellows program.

First of all, I like to thank The Maghreb Economic forum and the department of state for making this happen, despite the last circumstances caused by the coronavirus.

Throughout this program, we were surrounded by amazing international legacy stuff which was always there for us.

A special thanks to all instructors and experts for their efforts and for the very valuable and rich content.

During Pre and post-program virtual exchange and online training activities, I had the opportunities to connect with positives change-makers from all around the world, listen to their entrepreneurial stories, learn from their experiences, and come out with new perspectives efficient for my personal and professional life.

Also, this program allowed me to develop my leadership and to learn new entrepreneurial skills, like project management, time management, and design thinking… 

This experience was really a kind of challenge for me to gain more self-confidence and to improve my English. 

I like to finish by thanking my amazing host for her generosity and for her time to make my training as efficient as possible.

Nadia Essid – Pitch Video
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