Call for Contribution

The Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) welcomes submissions of papers and articles from contributors willing to share their analyses and vision on key issues in the Maghreb. Through this initiative the Maghreb Economic Forum wish to foster dialogue and exchange of ideas between academics, experts and early career scholars. We strongly encourage students and young graduates to participate and share their works.

Among other topics, MEF encourages contributions on the following issues:

Social Development and Inclusion:

  • Education, employment, gender equality, youth challenges and opportunities.

Environment and Renewable Energies Transition:

  • The impacts of water shortage on the sectors of Agriculture and tourism.
  • The potentials of adopting a Blue Economy in the Maghreb region.
  • The potentials of a joint wind and solar power plants in the Maghreb region.
  • The economic and social growth as a result of adopting a green economy.
  • The impacts of Climate Change on the Maghreb region and the measures and approaches of adaptation needed.

Regional Cooperation in the Maghreb:

  • Challenges and opportunities of regional cooperation
  • The role of the private sector, entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Trade and Infrastructures
  • Cross borders-informal economy
  • Security cooperation among the Maghreb countries
  • Youth mobility for regional integration
  • Sparking development with political and economic cooperation

Security Issues, Preventing and Countering Radicalization in the Maghreb:

  • Maritime Security and Cooperation
  • Countering / Preventing Radicalization and Violent Extremism Programs.
  • Border Security Cooperation.
  • Violence against women.
  • Organized crimes.
  • Urban violence.

Maghreb Foreign Policy:

  • Changes in foreign policy of the Maghreb after 2011
  • The Maghreb region in a Multi-polar World: Old and new international actors

Submission Guidelines

MEF accepts papers in Arabic, French and English language and welcomes different formats (academic papers, articles, op-eds, policy briefs). Submitted papers will be reviewed and published on a rolling basis. Authors can upload their papers via the form below.


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