Arab countries of North Africa feel coronavirus’ economic pain

Communiqué de Presse – E-Conférence: « COVID-19 : Maghreb ou jamais »

Is COVID-19 a positive idiosyncrasy on the socio-economic scale in the Maghreb countries?

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The differences between the Maghreb countries, especially between Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, have long been known, but faced with this global crisis the challenges are the same for all of them.

Slim Bahrini, Executive Director of the Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF)

“These countries must embark on a radical transformation of their public policies and institutional priorities to cope with the immediate crisis and its long-term impact,” he told Arab News.

“Copy-pasting measures taken by the West saves us time, but our economies will suffer the consequences of this approach in the future.

“The handling of this crisis will undoubtedly lead to a social crisis more serious than the one we know now.”

Take Morocco, the North African country with the most extensive ties to Europe.

Although it has had a relatively low rate of case numbers in comparison with its European neighbors, the effects of the country’s lockdown have crippled tourism.


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