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Tunis, January 14, 2021

We all know how it started, but we will never know how it will end. This simply because it will never die. We may call it a real fadeless flower that withstands sultry summers, frosty winters and gusty winds, an everlasting glaring beacon light, or a wild dream that intrepidly made its way through years of suffering, desperation, and hope to finally come true.

Some tend to call it justice that brought some sort of relief and comfort to grieving mothers, widowed spouses, and orphaned children. To those too whose slender bodies were gnawed by the darkness of prisons and torments’ whips. A justice that rubbed out the scars they had carried along. To the helpless us who were tricked that walls had ears.

It unchained our tongues, freed our captive souls, and let us experience the taste of freedom. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling free.

Maybe we should simply call it REVOLUTION.

Revolution is a continuous battle. Despite failures, Stumbles, and shortcomings, we are committed to keep moving forward until all its goals are fulfilled.

Many Tunisians may think that nothing has changed over the past decade, but we strongly believe that slow progress remains better than dictatorship.

The Maghreb Economic Forum has been working so hard since its foundation to contribute to achieving economic and social equality, achieving everything we dreamed of.

Martyrs and wounded of the Revolution. Everyone who believed in it. Everyone who militated against dictatorship or may continue to militate against restoring it: THANK YOU.

Long live the Revolution

Happy Revolution Day Tunisia

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