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Biennial Report

Through this report, the Maghreb Economic Forum seeks to catch its most important achievements during the last couple of years and consolidate them within the monitoring of the economic and social movement in Tunisia and the Greater Maghreb. The present report is one of the Maghreb Economic Forum’s outputs in this field, besides several other reference documents, bulletins, and publications, that it produces periodically.

We are proud, as a think-and-do-tank, to be one of the rare voices in the Greater Maghreb that always seek to address the most important issues affecting the region and approach them in a serious manner. Despite the highly complex situation it’s facing, the multiple open conflicts, and the diplomatic crisis between some of its member States, we, at MEF, profoundly believe that our region shall overcome this strife, and will become a leader at the regional and global levels and move towards a better future.

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Published: December 26, 2022