Project Description

“Strengthening socio-economic reform in critical areas through upholding citizens engagement in the decentralization process in Tunisia”

The project seeks to develop policy recommendations addressing urgent socio-economic challenges facing communities in the governorates of Gafsa and Tataouine while encouraging sustained dialogue between citizens and local governing institutions. The two governorates have been the scene of repeated protests and massive social mobilizations against underdevelopment and chronic marginalization stemming from state development policies. Demanding employment and better living conditions, protesters have reclaimed their right to benefit from the local availability of natural resources.

Through a series of consultations in the governorates of Gafsa and Tataouine, the Maghreb Economic Forum will bring together civil society organizations, activists, unions, citizens and government institutions at the regional and local level.

Project Objectives:

As the project’s name suggests, consultations are at the core of this initiative and their objective is to:

  • Provide a space for dialogue between civil society organizations and local government oriented to empower local communities and address their demands;
  • Enhance citizens’ capacity to communicate their needs and priorities and participate in inclusive decision-making;
  • Strengthen local institutions understanding of local communities needs and reinforce government’s responsiveness to citizens’ needs;
  • Contrast local communities’ mistrust in local government and strengthen accountability of regional and local institutions by developing a sustained dialogue.

Project Details