Project Description

Tunisia is undergoing a period of profound transformation. This does not merely refer to its political system; the Tunisian economy and economic elite, structure of society, political parties, labor unions and civil society organizations have all been deeply affected by the change. MEF’s Jobs For Tunisiaproject provides a platform that enables individuals and groups working on solutions to drive different stages of change, from inspiration to implementation. At the core of the project are a series of workshops and roundtables to develop key policy recommendations in three key sectors: Agriculture, Information Technology and Renewable Energy.

To develop a comprehensive policy recommendation for each of the target sectors, Jobs for Tunisia aims to :

• Identify and nurture new and diverse thinkers, researchers and writers; helping them to join the public conversation and debate.
• Develop and implement ideas and policies to address socio-economic problems at the local governorate, national, regional, and international levels.
• Bridge the worlds of technology, policy, politics and academia by creating, testing and piloting new technologies in communication and advocacy,
as well as integrating existing channels into policy solutions.

Jobs for Tunisia Methodology  :


Phase 1 – Workshops: For each of the three sectors, three separate workshops are organized. Each workshop will involve local experts, opinion leaders, civil society representatives, researchers, business leaders, and other relevant stakeholders to identify and discuss possible policy recommendations in the chosen sector. These workshops are prompted by a Background Note on each sector.

Phase 2 – Roundtables: The roundtables provide an opportunity to discuss the recommendations raised by the participants and MEF’s own research team with a smaller group of decision makers at the national level. The roundtables act as a brainstorming session for the Jobs for Tunisia Policy Briefs.

Jobs for Tunisia is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA)